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It all started at 13. My destiny was set into motion through a series of events created by my Mother. She always had our best interests at heart for my 6 siblings and me, and thought of our needs before her own. She signed us up for sports and camping adventures that I loved, but taking private lessons from an eccentric, passionate art teacher is what really ignited a fire in me that remains in my soul steady and strong. I love to portray this in my work with a free flowing rhythm.

Growing up in southern Colorado I was blessed with an easygoing, carefree lifestyle. The beauty of the Rocky Mountains surrounded me, and captured my interest to draw and paint, and capture powerful emotional moments to share on canvas, metal and wood.

My creative side has continued to grow and I currently have pieces in galleries, libraries, and exhibits of nature and landscapes, contemporary art, time, space and galaxies, and impressionate pieces playing with light and color. The pieces show the ambiance of a special moment: waves crashing on a seashore, a deer wandering through the grass in a mountain meadow, aspen leaves softly rustling in a gentle breeze, fun kaleidoscopes of light, shade, and bold colors, and new organic 3-D pieces in various mediums. I am blessed to have made it this far as there have been tough trials along the way with health, and grief from the loss of loved ones; but I have grown in my faith, and hope that it shows up in my art. It’s from my heart to yours.

Bio Portfolio–Solo Exhibitions–June 1-June 29, 2019–Reminiscent Reflections-Carnegie Public Library Art Wall, Curator Tom Potter Trinidad, Colorado

Group Exhibitions–May 13-August 30, 2019–Vivid Perspectives-Brighton, CO-City Hall, Curator Laurie Maier

September 9, 2019-January 10, 2020–Colors of Love-Brighton, CO City Hall, Curator Laurie Maier

January 13, 2020-May 1, 2020-Reflections of Life-Brighton, CO City Hall, Curator Laurie Maier

September 13-October 7, 2019–Movement-Augusta, Kansas-Augusta Art Centre Gallery, Curator Ryan Swayne

February 19, 2020–Current-Denver Art Society Gallery, Curator Andrew Piper

Art Festivals– September 28, 2019-Brighton Art in the Park, Brighton, CO

Internships–February 2019–Current–Cross collaborations with other artists such as Dea Smith, Denver, Colorado

Art teaching classes–Hobby Lobby–Brighton, CO–Beginning drawing, acrylic and oil painting.

Years of Experience–3

Contact me:  https://artsyjewelsy.com


Instagram–jclark147  On Facebook–Artsy Jewelsy







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An artist’s portfolio is an edited collection of their best artwork intended to showcase an artist’s style or method of work.